Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Keeping you safe in our care

It can be an anxious time for travel.  Your urge for a holiday is overwhelming, but your sensible-self worries that it could be unsafe just now.  Please be assured that we have done as much as possible to keep you safe during your stay.  We have been successfully hosting NHS and Keyworkers throughout the lockdowns and have had 100% positive feedback from them and the people who they work for!

It is a great time to book, but things were not as they were before.

(Don't forget to read my last blog, which explains when you should book and breaks down how rates work.  It will guide you to make good choices when booking any property, anywhere.)

🛎48 hours before you will arrive, we will send you a link to Check-in online.  This way we can gather the information we need from you that we would normally ask you to do on arrival.  This is submitted electronically and stored securely for 21 days. Each room booked needs to nominate the person who will be responsible for the group or room.  The form is easy to fill in, have your booking reference handy!  You will be asked to enter an estimated arrival time (please don't arrive early, we have additional cleaning to be done), and make sure to enter your car's registration number so that we don't fine you if you park up early to go into Eastbourne.

😷On your arrival day, we ask that you wear a mask before entering, and only 1 person enters the reception to collect the keys.  There is handgel available for you at reception.  

🔑The key collector becomes responsible for your guests and/or group(s).

💳Your payment has been taken already

Reminder: You must always wear your mask when in public areas like the lift, reception and corridors.  For now, our dining room, playroom, and lounge are closed.

Inside your room:

You can take off your mask, you will find a "cafe etc..." branded tea tray with Vegware branded cups (Vegware is entirely compostable, so during a time we need to be throwing more away, you can be sure that you are looking out for mother nature!  We have provided a bar of soap and some shampoo to get you started too.

⚠You will find some printed instructions about what to do if you display any symptoms of covid-19 during your stay.  The important thing is to STAY PUT!  Do not leave your room.  You can get in touch to report to us by scanning the QR code in your room which is situated just above your tea tray.  The QR code takes you to a form that will be picked up quickly by one of the team, then we can start helping you safely.

🛒The QR code in your room can also be scanned to access other forms.  For instance, you can order breakfast or packed lunches, tell us about a problem, order fresh towels, tea-tray stock or simply ask a question. (You can also head to the guest area of our website)

⛔It is really important if you have booked as a group that you don't visit each other's rooms, you can only meet outside and please don't share the lift with anyone who not from your room - even if you traveled with them.

🧹Order breakfast or packed lunches before 8pm the night before, and we will deliver to your door between 8am and 9am.  If you don't want us to enter your room but you need room stock, then you can order anytime, and we will deliver outside your door between 10.30am and 3pm.  If you prefer to clean your own room just now, that's perfectly fine and we can provide everything you need!

🏠We are very much here if you need us, but we have to keep ourselves and our staff safe too.  Please keep in mind that if we come into contact with someone who tests positive we have to close and this will spoil your holiday.  By thinking of others, even if you are protected by your vaccine, not everyone will be, so please be mindful during your stay

Don't forget to download the Visit Eastbourne App or visit the website to plan your break!

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