Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Find the best.... Last Minute Accomodation in Eastbourne

🦺For those times you didn't realise you would need a stayover, or an emergency situation crops up, you may need to book a last minute room.  To get the best for your needs it's helpful to understand how to get the best deal.

🗓️Same day bookings can be risky, you may not get the venue you wanted, or the room type you would like, but what you do know, is that the accomodation will try to fit you in if they possibly can!  Remember, they may have already reduced the price for the day, so they may not offer you a further discount.
☀️☔⛅⛈️🌨️🌪️🌡️Depending on season, sometimes last minute booking can be cheaper or even better than you imagined and sometimes if the resort is busy or running an event, it can be much more expensive (even for the smallest room).  One thing is for sure, properties all want a full house and they value your booking! 

📈The Sheldon B&B is no stranger to Last minute bookings.  This is down simply to scale... They rely on good reviews (reputation) to keep on page 1 of the booking sites, they simply don't have the budget to boost their ranking like a chain hotel would pay for.  Once the bigger properties sell out, they are there, ready to go?  Smaller properties have to be clever with their pricing (make sure they are competitive and take into account their unique features), their marketing (avoiding heavy commissions and using free tools for online marketing) and execution (making sure they maintain a great reputation).  You may pay a little more for a room than at a big chain.  Naturally, a smaller place will have higher overheads, will need to pay a little more to keep the good staff members and ensure they know they are cherished and of course, can't buy in the same bulk that the big chains can.  Equally, the big chains tend to be crafty and automatically scan the web using algorithms to set their prices.
☎️When you book, if you find a smaller property on a booking website/online travel agent, you should consider phoning them... Especially if you have a social need.  For example, You are a family with a younger child and a teenager.  The teen wants her privacy, but the younger child is too young to be left alone.  The perfect solution is an adjoining single and triple.  The Sheldon B&B have lots of options that simply can't be shown on-line because booking websites tend to be based on bigger properties and of course, they have to be very general to convert to as many languages as possible.  Also, by contacting the property, if they can't help, they will be far more likely to help you find somewhere nice nearby.

👛For same day and next day bookings the payment is taken at the time of booking and you can fill in your simple online check in at that time.  This enables you to use the free private car park, and, of course, if you arrive early, you are welcome to park (if there is a space) prior to checking in and enjoy Eastbourne! 

Always check the overall review score, because cheap is not necessarily good!  If you are not sure read 3 top marks and 3 bottom marks, it will give you a good idea of what guests liked or disliked.  The Best of Eastbourne gathers reviews from most of the major review sites, so it's a great tool to help you choose. 

🏆So, in summary, to get the best possible last minute rooms to suit your needs:
🔗Contact the property direct
📋Tell them what you need (shower/bath/quiet zone/adjoining/single/luxury/budget/special needs/dietary/with or without breakfast etc.)
🅿️Check the parking situation
🛌Know that if it is possible, we will upgrade you.

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Find the best.... Last Minute Accomodation in Eastbourne

🦺For those times you didn't realise you would need a stayover, or an emergency situation crops up, you may need to book a l...