Sunday, 10 April 2022

Pro-biotic cleaners - what are they and why are they so good?

Our Story....

Covid, Brexit, and now the Ukraine war kind of got in the way of our plastic-free mission for a while there.  

We had no plans to return to using single-use things, so we fought back by using screening in key places, ventilating, and installing touchpads for our guests.  We encouraged the use of our reception bathroom for actual washing of hands, rather than installing big plastic hunks of sanitizer.  Whilst we have got some hand gel stations in key places, they are metal and refillable.  The safe pads are great... They contain nanoparticles of silver, so actually, the germs can't live on them (brilliant invention!).  We continued to use cloth aprons and overalls for cleaning.  Once the dining room was re-opened, used washable race masks.  Where we did have to use single-use items, we opted for Vegware. 

Our passion for ditching plastic started before covid was a thing.  It was difficult, but we had sourced solid shampoo and body wash bars, which even now are still receiving mixed reviews, but, we persevere by educating and re-enforcing our message, and we have no plans to go back to little bottles!  We got in touch with Crystal Cole, who makes batches of beautifully fragranced bars for us in little heart shapes.


Over the lockdowns, we had many supply problems with cleaning concentrate and even Bookers discontinued concentrate, in favor of very expensive, single-use plastic bottles.  It's been rather frustrating, as they are clearly just profiteering to the detriment of the planet.  This made us look for alternatives and we discovered pro-biotic cleaners.  The first company we tried was aimed at the domestic market, and to be honest, the first order didn't turn up.  We couldn't find any suppliers in the UK that had stock... Every product seemed to be on backorder.  Frustrated, we gave up.

Last week, we attended a networking event.  Luckily, there was a guy doing commercial and domestic pro-biotic cleaners... He is here in Eastbourne!  He supplied us with samples and we tested everything out thoroughly for a week.  We have signed up!  Our favorite of the samples is made by Evie Blue.  There are no chemicals, it's 100% biodegradable, suitable for vegans, pets, marine life, and humans!  It doesn't exactly kill germs... It just crowds them out with good bacteria, best of all it goes on long after we clean.  We add a sachet to a refillable measured bottle and the sachets are also biodegradable, take up very little space, and are already in measured doses.  You get a perfect, smear-free shine on any non-porous
surface, even in a high-scale area!  It is a simply brilliant solution (pardon the pun!) 

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